The Bank of Japan hates it, but what is it? Find out.

Forex FAQs: What Moves The Forex Market?

Ever wondered why currency values constantly change? Find out what is behind the ebb and flow of the forex market.
The Greatest Forex Trade: George Soros Makes a Billion Dollars in a Single Trade

George Soros is a legendary investor who still holds the title for the greatest currency trade ever. Find out how he did it.
Forex FAQs: If the US dollar were to collapse or be significantly devalued, what investments would be a safe haven?

The demise of the U.S. dollar has been greatly exaggerated, but find out what could happen if it was on the verge.
What Currencies Can You Trade in the Forex Market?

Most of the trading in forex involves less than a dozen currencies, but there are many, many more.
Forex FAQs: How feasible would it be to reboot currency on a global scale?

Currency reboots all the time, you just don't notice it.
The Top Forex Pros to Follow On Twitter

At first glance, forex and Twitter are made for each other. Unfortunately, with all the spam-tweeters, it can be difficult to figure out who to follow. Check out this article for our picks.
The Forex Market Explained (Infographic)

The forex market is the world's largest market, but it is often misunderstood. Find out how it works and how you can get involved.
Forex FAQs - What is the Most Traded Currency?

Find out which currencies round out the most traded ranking.
Forex FAQs - What is the Most Traded Currency Pair?

Find out which currency pairs see the most trading in the forex market.

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