U.S. Dollar Singapore Dollar (USD SGD)

Definition - What does U.S. Dollar Singapore Dollar (USD SGD) mean?

The U.S. dollar Singapore dollar (USD SGD) is a currency pairing whereby the U.S. dollar and the Singapore dollar can be traded against each other. The USD SGD can be thought of as the U.S. dollar versus the Singapore dollar – you short the U.S. dollar and go long the Singapore dollar or go long the U.S. dollar and short the Singapore dollar. The USD SGD is one of the currency pairs that fit into the North America versus Asia trade, with the focus being more firmly on south east Asia.

ForexDictionary explains U.S. Dollar Singapore Dollar (USD SGD)

Singapore has emerged as a major financial center in Asia and is following in the footsteps of Hong Kong in encouraging a free market economy. The trio of Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong is often used to represent Asia in trading against the U.S. dollar. The Monetary Authority of Singapore monitors the USD SGD and can take action if it believes that inflation is being imported or a reasonable trading range has been exceeded.
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