Market Jitters

Definition - What does Market Jitters mean?

Market jitters are a period of nervousness in the market stemming from uncertainty. Uncertainty on a national level can be caused by factors like unemployment, central bank rate changes, economic slumps or even the economic health of other nations. Market jitters can be centered around a specific currency or several closely related currencies.

ForexDictionary explains Market Jitters

Market jitters may result in a flat market with some noise but little direction or they may result in overreaction, as in a coiled market. Generally speaking, it depends on the magnitude of events that are causing the jitters. In 2010, the economic woes in Greece set off waves of market jitters that subsided and re-emerged several times over the following years. Other types of market jitters can develop around elections or releases where there is no general consensus, so the condition is temporary and usually followed by a rush of buying and selling as traders react.
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