Forex Market Hours

Definition - What does Forex Market Hours mean?

Forex market hours refers to the time during which the forex market is open for trading. As currency is a decentralized global market, the market stays open for 24 hours a day during the week as sessions in major financial centers open as others close. The four major sessions are London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney, but other financial centers fill in any gaps that may open due to a national holiday.

ForexDictionary explains Forex Market Hours

The forex market hours are one of the major attractions, as the market is constantly moving and reacting to the information available at the time. The amount of overlap between the different forex market sessions also leads to higher volume as more traders are in the market simultaneously. Because the market never sleeps, some traders close out their positions intraday to avoid any unexpected surprises the next morning. On the flipside, forex market hours make it possible for traders to run trading programs non-stop during the trading week. Traders can set up forex virtual private server to run their expert advisors while they sleep. That said, traders should probably focus on profiting over an eight hour day before jumping on a non-stop trading program.

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