Bar Chart

Definition - What does Bar Chart mean?

A bar chart is a graphical representation of a currency pairs price action that displays the open, high, low and close for a given period of time. Bar charts display price action during a time interval in the following way: A horizontal line on the left of the bar represents the opening price A horizontal line on the right of the bar represents the closing price The top of the vertical bar represents the high The bottom of the vertical bar represents the low A bar chart is also called an OHLC chart, referring to the fact that it displays the opening, high, low and close.

ForexDictionary explains Bar Chart

Bar charts are among the most popular charts used by currency traders. A bar chart displays the price action within an interval and also show the overall trend, giving traders a layered look at price action. Candlestick charts, perhaps the most popular type of forex chart, are basically bar charts that have been color-coded to give them a more graphical feel.
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