1-Hour Chart

Definition - What does 1-Hour Chart mean?

A 1-hour chart is a chart that displays the price action of a currency pair in intervals of 60 minutes. A 1-hour chart filters out some of the trading noise and signals that make shorter time period charts so active, but provide more trading data than a daily chart.

A 1-hour chart is also referred to as an hourly chart.

ForexDictionary explains 1-Hour Chart

Timeframes make a big difference in forex trader’s life. The shorter the timeframes being used, the more trading signals and market noise a trader will see. On larger timeframes, the noise and barrage of signals is lessened, but the timeliness of the market information is lessened. A tick chart will show a reversal before an hourly or daily chart will, but it will also show more meaningless signals and false reversals. Traders have to try out different timeframes to find one that fits their trading style.
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