S--t Forex Traders Say: Weird and Unusual Slang from Everyday Trading

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Takeaway: People love slang and nicknames, and forex traders are people too.

S--t Forex Traders Say: Weird and Unusual Slang from Everyday Trading
When not dressed as a living doll, she trades forex. Probably. Maybe.
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If you’re new to forex, you may have noticed that there are a lot of unusual terms to wrap your mind around. Normally, if a person talks about watching candlesticks all day or riding the bull rally, you’d quietly nod and edge away before the drugs wear off. In the world of forex, however, candlesticks and bulls are far from the weirdest vocabulary.

Trade Naked

"If you’re having troubles making decisions, maybe you should try trading naked."

What You Think

This guy is a straight up sex offender or he’s trying to get you to join a nudist club. His trading station is probably next to a bedroom with a circular bed with red satin sheets and his neighbors are always leaving notes asking him to pull the blinds down. You make a mental note to never, ever sit on a chair he’s used unless you are protected by a wet suit.

What It Actually Means

Simplify your charts. If you are like most first time traders, you’ve got way too many indicators cluttering up the chart. Trading naked is about choosing a few (usually 2-3) indicators to avoid getting overwhelmed. Trading naked can actually improve your trading. Whether you wear clothes or not is up to you.

Financial Porn

"Don’t waste your time with all that financial porn."

What You Think

How did you know?? Wait… financial?

What It Actually Means

Financial porn is the non-stop flow of information, analysis and opinion that comes through business channel on the TV and many, many websites that churn out content whenever a currency pair moves. Like too many indicators, too much information can hinder you more than it helps. Getting too caught up in what is happening makes it difficult to separate out the important information.

Mrs. Watanabes

"The Mrs. Watanabes are pushing down the Australian dollar."

What You Think


What It Actually Means

Mrs. Watanabes is a nickname given to Japanese housewives who took up forex trading. Japanese bonds and other traditional investments have returned next to nothing since the bubble burst there in 1991, so many Japanese investors (women and men) took up forex trading to make more money. Watanabe is a common surname much like Smith is in North America.

Swissy, Loonie, Cable and Kiwi

"I never touch the Swissy, Loonie, Cable or Kiwi - it’s the euro and dollar for me."

What You Think

Can you just speak English?

What It Means

Swissy is the Swiss franc. Loonie is the Canadian dollar (it has a loon on it). Cable is the pound to U.S. dollar (undersea cables connected the U.S. and U.K). Kiwi is the New Zealand dollar. There is no reason for the nicknames other than people - including traders - love nicknames. This is the reason why so many chart formations have nicknames (three black crows, head and shoulders, etc.).

Just the Start

Although these are some of the more outlandish terms in regular use, there are many, many more. A new trader may blow up his account, undergo a baptism of fire, check the Big Mac PPP and on and on. Learning the lingo is relatively easy compared to learning how to trade successfully, but both are goals worth having.

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