The Top Forex Pros to Follow On Twitter

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Takeaway: It can be difficult to check the credentials of Twitter users who talk forex, but there are some bona fide experts out there who share their thoughts in 140 characters or less.

The Top Forex Pros to Follow On Twitter
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Twitter and forex are still figuring out how to get along. At first glance, they're a match made in heaven. Twitter has a business model based on enticing users to post often and check other users' posts just as regularly. Similarly, the forex market depends on a constant stream of information coming from sources all over the globe. Putting the two together seems like no-brainer, but the reality is that Twitter is burdened with the same issue as many of the forex sites and blogs already crowding the Internet - too much quantity, not enough quality.

Many of the people tweeting about forex are pushing their own agendas from offering you coaching to selling you systems. This isn't a cardinal sin - someone can push their own agenda in a way that is tasteful and even educational whether you buy in or not, but twitter’s micro-posts don't lend themselves to this approach. That said, there are some people or organizations on twitter that are actually using it to meld forex information and insights into their tweets. We’ll look a few of them.

The Real Thing

There is a lot to be said for knowing that your information source actually knows what he or she is doing. The following four tweeters have a traceable history in the forex markets - something that is hard to confirm with many other commentators on twitter.

Kathy Lien

@kathylienfx - Kathy Lien worked at the JPMorgan Chase interbank FX trading desk, FXCM and Global Futures & Forex Ltd before co founding If you've been learning how to trade forex, you've probably read something by Kathy either online or through her books. Kathy tweets a mix of links to her articles, comments on the current market and her media appearances.

David Song

@DavidJSong - David Song is a currency analyst at If you're not familiar with it, is a free news and market research site that FXCM runs. That being said, many of the DailyFX analysts do a great job at parsing the markets. The reason David is interesting is that he a diverse approach to the market that starts with news and fundamentals and then ties in the technicals. He is a constant stream of commentary with the odd link back to his work on DailyFX.

Boris Schlossberg

@Fxflow - Boris Schlossberg is the other co founder of BK Asset Management. Like Kathy, Boris took the Wall Street path to currency analysis, passing through FXCM and Global Futures & Forex Ltd. He shows up on many of the financial channels whenever currency is a topic. Boris sticks mostly to market analysis and online content he's wrote but he does get on a non-forex line of thought once in awhile, which can be just as interesting.

Ashraf Laidi

@alaidi - Ashraf Laidi is a forex author, former chief strategist at CMC Markets, former World Bank risk assessor, CEO of Intermarket Strategy Limited and a whole lot more. More importantly, Ashraf is very active on twitter. He posts regularly are draws attention to areas of the market that many of the North America-based forex tweeters often ignore. On top of that, Ashraf actually has some personality to his tweets, making them an enjoyable addition to the stream.

A Well-Known Unknown

When you set out to write an article about forex tweeters, it is tempting just to list the most influential or most followed. By either metric, Forex Gump of is ahead of the crowd. Although it is hard to say who he or she is, Forex Gump tweets are entertaining and informative much like the site itself - @babypips

Just the Facts

Of course, commentary and insight can sometimes get in the way of the actual information. Fortunately, there are two tweeters I found useful for gathering the important forex news.

Live Currency News

@currencynews - Just like it sounds, Live Currency News is a constant stream of financial headlines that impact currency markets.


@ForexJournal - Again, this twitter account collects headlines from financial news feeds and filters them down to those relevant to forex traders.

Preference Trumps All

These are the forex tweeters that I found were worth following. That doesn't mean they will work for everyone. For one, there is a definite lean towards fundamental information even though there are plenty of technical tweeters covering forex - @50pips and @gregmcleodtradr for example. As with everything, you need to find out what works for you. The nicest thing about twitter is that you can follow or unfollow at will, making it easy to assemble information sources that fit your trading style.

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